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Internal Martial Arts

What is Internal Martial Arts ?
Internal Martial Artists have been called Warriors of stillness.

Martial Arts could be generalised into two categories “External” and “Internal”. 

External marital arts train and develop stronger muscles and bones as well as tougher skin. It is a very demanding popular form of martial arts that is recognized today. Advantage of this training way makes people achieve some level in short period as it is easier to understand than internal martial arts theory and training. Because external martial arts was invented to be used in war for soldiers long times ago. They did not have much time to train soldiers properly. Therefore, only hard physical training was allowed to use quickly. It makes trainee strong in short period, but makes trainee's body damaged too. The drawbacks of training external marital arts is that many people would lose the speed, balance, strength and reflexes as they aged, thus you might see many sports players actually retired early. The reason is that our physical body also ages and becomes fragile, thus could not cope with the intensive training like when we were young. You may be able to do very high flying kicks and jumps in your 20s, but when you age, your body become less flexible and bones are easily brittle. Our muscles may also shrink over time, and could not perform as well as when you are young.

On the other hand, internal martial arts is training the tendons and ultimately building the internal force with strong meditation method. Old and small, it is absolutely possible to defeat bigger taller opponent if you train very hard in the internal martial arts. Comparing to the external martial arts, instead of learning the self defence techniques and skills in the fighting system, the internal martial arts slowly build the "Qi (Vital Energy)", the internal force as well as improving every important organs in your body. Some examples such as Tai Chi, Baguazhang, Xingyi quan or Aikido are demonstrating this point above well. To emphasis the fundamental of the internal martial arts, we utilise the force from the earth (related with  gravity), which slowly pass through our body, combining with the internal force to transfer to our opponent. By regular training in internal marital arts, we will develop stronger “Tendon , Ligament , and immune system” to keep sickness away from us. Unlike muscles, tendons and ligaments are long-lasting. By utilising certain parts of our body like a "Lever", a smaller person would defeat a bigger opponent with minimal force. 

When we were baby or child, our body was relax, so we was able to not being injured well. For example, we can see when baby fell down from high position, but he or she was not seriously injured. However, when we getting aged, we have used brain a lot to consider many things. In this period, the tension of brain makes our entire body nervous and stiff. Nervous body is easy to fall down and being injured as it is slow to react. If your body is nervous, you can not use “Natural force”. When you control your enemy, you should make your body relax naturally, and then you should use the force of the opponent, gravity, and bounce.
Namely, you need to be a transfer, not main. If you become main object, then your muscle will be stiff, and the force from the earth will be cut. The weak can not against to someone who has stronger muscle. You just need to make your body a “Lever”. The lever can generate a big force with only a little force. And, you need to borrow the force of the gravity from the earth, not using your muscle. Nobody can against to the force of the earth in the world. When you use the force of opponent, if the opponent has big force, he would get back a bigger damage as strong as. In addition, if you add the force of the gravity and your internal force, the opponent would get damage more and more.

The general sports players use red muscle too. Most of them can not keep their force when they are old. Many people misunderstand Tai Chi is just kind of a dance or old men's exercise. Of course, current Tai Chi has been turned to an exercise for old people's health now a days. Howver, traditional one is fighting arts, and include healing energy arts as well. There are some reasons related with Chinese history when they began communism, and it is a long story and has conspiracy. There are a lot of complicate theories and cryptics in Internal Martial and Energy Arts.

It is impossible to explain and learning in short term. It has been handed by “word to mouth” between master and disciples only for long times. The secrets should not be recorded on the paper. Plus, contact experience can be gotten in person. People who study Martial Arts by themselves with only video or book can not catch the “Specific Sense” and can not correct themselves. Masters correct students' defect and sense. If you practice by yourself in the beginning and then having bad habits, it will take longer time correcting it than very beginners.Beginners do not have bad habits and are empty. So they can learn better than people who have bad habits.

Why does Internal Martial Arts move and learn slowly in the beginning? There are reasons as fighting arts, not only for meditation. The main two reasons why Internal Martial Arts practice and learn slowly are as below;

1. The fastest thing in the universe is mind rather than speed of light. You need to match your mind and body. After you can match them completely, your body can follow your mind. When you practice, it must be slow. However, it must be fast in real combat. If you practice quickly in the beginning, you can not catch the sense to match your mind and body. On the other hand, if you can synchronize the opponent's mind (using Shin (Spiritual power)), you do not even need to move quickly.

2. Most people have bad habits during they are grown up. People use red muscle and it is waste of energy, and is not strong. Internal Martial arts trains white muscle (Tendon and Ligament), not red muscle. The red muscle is stiff and easy to lose, especially when you getting older. You can not move quickly and will be easy to being injured, if your body is stiff. But Tendon and Ligament go long last, strong and flexible. Like a rubber band. In order to catch the sense of Tendon and Ligament, you have to practice slow and need to catch the sense of them. First, you should feel the energy inside your body. Second, you should follow the flowing of the energy force. Eventually, you will be able to control it. 

You can learn quickly, if you want. However, you need to remember that is as same as instant food. If you get something easily and quickly, it is also easy to lose quickly. Internal Martial Arts are as same as process to make a good medicine or a sword.
If you hurry when you make a medicine, the medicine would not work well.
If you hurry when you make a sword, the sword would be broken easily.

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