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Self Defence

Current society has lots of risks and dangers by criminal. Murder, violence, rape, robber, and etc. You never know when you would be in danger in current society. We need to ready to protect ourselves any time. Where drums beat, laws are silent.

The main purpose of self defence is  not to defeat the enemy. It makes time to escape from danger. In order to that, you need to make the enemy can not move and can not chase you. There are lots of self defence skills in the world. Skills for general people should be simplify, easy and useful.

Most people who want learn self defence are beginners. They do not need to learn martial arts seriously. Only survival skills are required. We practice natural way, not artificial. You should use the earth energy and even opponent’s power as well. This principle makes weak people can use strong force as we borrow the force from the earth, and combine opponent’s force, then just return it to them. Because most beginners do not have strength same as criminals.

[Chapter A] Being held
1. Being strangled (squeeze neck).
2. Being held a wrist.
3. Being held an arm.
4. Being held a shoulder.
5. Being held both arms.
6. Being held both shoulders.
7. Being held and pulled a wrist from side.
8. Someone pulling my hair.

[Chapter B] Knife and stick
1. Being frightened by the knife in front.
2. Being frightened by the knife from behind.
3. Someone holding a knife to my throat.
4. When someone try to stab down in front.
5. When someone stab from the side.
6. When someone swing the knife.
7. When someone swing down with a stick.
8. When someone swing a stick from the side.

[Chapter C] Being held from behind
1. Being held with arms from front.
2. Being held with arms from behind.
3. Being strangled (held neck) from behind.
4. Being  held and covered mouth from behind.
5. Being held a shoulder from behind.
6. Being held an arm from behind.
7. Being held a wrist from behind.

[Chapter D] Punch and kick
1. When someone punching straight.
2. When someone punching hook.
3. When someone punching upper cut.
4. When someone kick straight.
5. When someone try low kick.

[Chapter  E] Others

1. Someone coming up from behind and grabbing my hand bag.
2. Being kicked on the floor (how to get up, or protect yourself).
3. When someone head lock in front.
4. When someone head lock at side.