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Six Unification

In order to train internal martial arts, you need to unify 6 strength.
It is called Liuhe which means Six Unification, and is foundational and important theory.
This is divided each 3 unification as internal and external.

1. External 3 unification
This explains the unification of physical body.
First, unification of hands and feet.
When you use the skills with hands and feet, you can attack constantly, not being cut.
The ideal attack is that first one is fake, and next one is true.

Second, unification of elbows and knees.
It indicates to link always the both part of the main of the attack.
The elbow attack amplifies the mighty force with movement of the knee.
The knee attack is done pulling enemy’s body bending elbows at maximum.
The elbows and knees are considered the one in internal martial arts.

Third, unification of shoulders and hips.
The shoulders are related with attack of elbows. Hips are related with attack of knees.
The elbow attack comes from shoulder, and the knee attack comes from hips.
Internal force controls the power of techniques.
The unification of the elbow attack and the knee attack is amplified as internal power is used
It is important the unification of shoulders and hips are required in attack with the other

2. Internal 3 Unification (Jing, Qi, Shin, Yi)
It indicates 3 strength unifications as spiritual energy.
First, the unification of spirit(Shin) and mind/will(Yi).
The spirit is moving body unconsciously, and the willing is realizing one or the plural number of skills.
When you combat having perfect skill, it controls having a confidence unconsciously.

Second, the unification of the mind/will and Qi.
Qi indicates the root of internal force with breathing. It comes from core (Dantien).
Internal force must be used always unconsciously, not only skill.
This unification is required to the next one.

Third, the unification of Qi and body/strength (Jing).
It means to contain Qi, not only body/strength in skill.
It means to contain internal force as well.
The internal force amplifies mighty power to skills which is trained in body.

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