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Eum-Yang Seon

Modified Internal Arts

Eum-Yang Seon (Yin-Yang Zen) is an ancient way using natural vital energy in the universe. Eum-Yang means as same as Yin-Yang, and Seon means Zen in Korean and it means developing energy field.

It takes too much time to reach certain level with traditional Internal Martial / Energy Arts methods. Master Jinho Lee have considered how to make it easy and simple for common people in modern society. Since many years, he end up organized to simplified it.

It can be a healing arts or martial arts depending on trainee's purpose. The motto is simple, easy and freedom.

You can enjoy to manage the Eum-Yang energy in daily life. It makes your feeling of energy  much bigger and sensitive.

When you can feel Eum-Yang energy, you can harmonize with nature completely. It runs with color, sound, texture, temperature and touching.
After connecting with nature, you can feel freedom and being released. Eum-Yang Seon re-treatment system is a way to back to the nature.