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"The key to the Internal Arts - Second Edition" is published on Amazon.

First of all, thanks for all five-star reviewers. Let us send you Yi for your great Karma. Hope the book would be helpful for many more peop...


  • Qi Gong
    For the people who want to develop/boost the vital energy inside body and mind.
    Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditation).
    Qi Gong 18 Forms.
    Taoist (Tantric) Qi Gong.
    Sun Qi Gong (Scanning and cleansing).
    Dayan(Wild Goose) Qi Gong. (N/A currently)
  • Tai Chi
    Internal Martial and Energy Arts which flows with energy. It is also called “Moving Meditation”.
    Basic Tai Chi footwork.
    International Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Forms for Beginners.
    Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 88 Forms for intermediate or higher level people.
    Mixing hands practice.
    Pushing hands practice.
    Tai Chi for Arthritis for seniors. 
  • Self Defence
    For people who need protect themselves and escape from danger.
    Self defence applications for real case.
  • Bagua Zhang
    Internal Kung Fu which is based on vortex power.
    Circle walking.
    8 single turning palm (Circle walking with 8 animals basic forms).
    8 double turning palm (8 animals basic simple forms).
    Bagua Yin-Yang Fish Form.
    8 animals regular forms. 

It also will give you advantages such as;
- Develops self confidence
– Get a peace in the mind
– Improves self esteem
– Use each part of body more efficiently
– Improves fitness and self defence

  • Group Classes
    Small Group
  • Private Lesson (intensive)
    For the person who can afford to learn more intensive.
    Student who has passionate to martial & energy arts.
  • Private disciple policy
    This policy for person who can afford to dedicate to martial & energy arts, and support  building up our group.
    Disciple is required to ready to respect martial arts and understanding traditional Asian philosophy.