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YinYang Baguazhang

Tian Family YinYang Baguazhang – Traditional Chinese Martial Art 

The Tian Family Yinyang Baguazhang originated in Sichuan Province . Tian Ruhong learnt the system from two Daoist priests, Biyun and Jingyun, and then taught the system to his clan members. The Tian Family has retained the system since that time until Tian Hui revealed the system to the general public in the 1980s. The system is not related to Beijing Baguazhang which was passed on by Dong Haichuan to his disciples.

Tian Family Baguazhang has a rich content, a deep theoretical base and a strong focus on training for actual combat. All movements in the system are based on four key natural movement principles, twist (ning), spiral (xuan), sit (zuo), raise (ding). Hard and soft movements are also combined in the system with the aim of training unrestricted and spontaneous explosive force. In application the system aims to adhere to the principle of “hit, grapple and throw” (chu da, chu shuai, chu na). This means that each strike must have the potential to smoothly integrate into a lock and takedown.

The system is divided into eight separate animal forms – Python, Lion, Tiger, Bear, Snake, Monkey, Horse, Eagle (peng). Each animal form is further divided into eight distinct short forms (shizhang). Each short form has three key application sequences (chengshou). In total the traditional style contains 192 application sequences.

Each animal has its own distinct appearance, like a python writhing through the forest, a lion’s majestic bearing, a hungry tiger preying, a black bear flexing its back, a white snake darting its fangs, a wild horse thrashing, a monkey guarding its catch and a giant eagle spanning its wings.

About Master Tian Keyan
Master Tian Keyan is the 10 th generation inheritor of the Tian Family Yinyang Baguazhang. He earnestly learnt from his father and has diligently continued his practice and research. He has recently developed a new form that synthesises key movement patterns from his family system called the Yinyang Fish (Yingyangyu). His aim is that beginners can save much time in their basic practice by learning this form.

About Tian’s International Wushu Cultural Exchange Centre
At Tian’s International Wushu Cultural Exchange Centre we aim to teach not only the Tian Family’s traditional martial arts but to also introduce people to traditional Chinese culture. Students can combine martial arts study with language study and/or tourism.

– Quoted by Yinyang Baguazhang official web site