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Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditation)

What is Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditation)?

Zhan Zhuang is one of the basic and the best Qi Gong as “Self Healing” and “Generating and cultivating Energy system”. There are various kinds of Qi Gong method in Chinese healing arts. Zhan Zhuang is the most popular, important and efficient method, and there are no side effects, if you learn under proper instructor. Some people train only Zhan Zhuang for long terms to cultivate Qi. It makes your body posture correct and link inner body with the earth. In addition, it supports circulation of Qi in your body well. Some patients practice this method to heal their inner illness.

When you achieve middle level in Zhan Zhuang, it would be one of the best meditation.
Empty your mind and body, then you would be able to synchronize with nature.
The ultimate meditation is the way to empty ego and being nothingness.

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