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Where & When

Yin-Yang Gate in Bucheon, Korea

What are we going to practice?
Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Bagua, or Self Defense.
Which area is available?
Bucheon, Korea. Near the Bucheon station. 
Is there any class for patients?
Tai Chi or Qi Gong for arthritis, depression or stress release.
Bagua for boosting energy, physical fitness or sexual dysfunction.
When would be class opened?
Please check the Events posts. The ongoing event is labeled as [Ongoing] at the head of the post.

Private / Small group lessons are available
  • Private / Small Group Lesson Tuitions (Lesson is available for request)
    Monthly plan

    $200 for a month: Once a week. 60 mins for a session.
    $400 for a month: Once a week. 120 mins for a session.
                                 Twice a week: 60 mins for a session.

    Individual & Group plan
    $60 per session for a private lesson. $100 for a couple or with a friend. $40 each for 3-4 people.
    $40 per session for each person in a group (up to 5 people).
    $25 per session for each person in a group (up to 10 people).
    $15 per session for each person in a group (over 10 people).
    Each session takes 60 mins.
    $10 for tea ceremony after the training. Free for the monthly subscribers, private students, and couples. 
    $10/hr is added in the case of indoor and it will be split by the number of people.
    The currency is USD. When paying in Korean Won, the current exchange rate is applied.
    An extra fee is added for a house call.
    Please contact us for other cases.
  • Tea ceremony only: $15 per session (more than an hour).

 If you have further inquiries, please contact us.