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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Non-sense about Traditional Chinese Martial Artists

This is a recent issue about the "Quack Traditional Chinese Martial Artists". An MMA fighter has defeated traditional Chinese Kung Fu masters and has provoked them. Thus, many traditional Kung Fu lovers were upset and put a lot of prizes to defeat him. The bald guy is the latest challenger. He has been respected as a great master of Kung Fu in China. 

What I totally don't understand is that all (not most) of the masters in this kind of footages look like the beginners rather than the Kung Fu practitioners. 

Their punch and kick are nothing different from an ordinary person's. The battle strategy of Kung Fu is basically "Middle-range battle". The attack should be launched from point-line-surface, but if you wear boxing gloves, you cannot use it. Which means they have no idea about the Kung Fu theory. It is even not close at all. 
Even if you cannot use your fingers due to the gloves, you still have to attack the opponent using your entire body with the proper step. However, they just swing the punch like an ordinary man. 
The movement of the experts is not big like that. 

This proves what I mentioned in my book. Sadly, most (more than 90%) Chinese Kung Fu is quack. It is ridiculous that many quack masters whose skill is just like a kid have been respected as Grand Masters.

I hope the Traditional Chinese Kung Fu people reflect themselves.... but probably it won't happen. I have not seen any con artists do that. Anyways, the reputation of all of Chinese Kung Fu dropped on the ground.
What I am wondering is that why real masters do not show up in this chance. Of course, I guess why somehow, but still curious. 

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